This is (“taking for granted pattern”) No. 1 relationship enemy. Such attitude destroys our relationships gradually and constantly. Let us take a look at what really happens.
At first glance, we feel attracted to someone, we simply like his/her way. From one meeting to another we can’t wait to be together and bathe in that charming element we simply adore about him/her. Living together we get used to having our partners’ attractive features available 24/7. In time, not realizing it, we do not even notice them any longer. Our partner still possesses those features; however we walk by, neither noticing him/her nor adoring him/her any longer. Partner’s charm has silently and slowly faded away.
So, what is here to stay? Where focus goes, energy flows, naturally. Special attention was given to partner’s little faults, reactions, which bothered us and we disapproved them. We nurtured them with care, recalling them all over again, or on the other hand, maintained them by withdrawing into ourselves. Every time, we mentioned our partner’s little faults, reactions, our energy flew there. The more people were engaged in such doing, the more these negative/disagreeable aspects of your partner were fed.
Some prefer a silent struggle or ignorance. However, this reaction is exactly the opposite of what we want; it actually fires the undesired situation.
When all of sudden you ceased to adore your partner, when the excitement, attraction is gone, you actually stopped being attentive to your partner and took him/her for granted. Which leaves you with the subject you focus on, you attach value to. Based on my findings, we tend to focus foremost on the undesired. Unfortunately.
You deserve to be something special! Try to find five decisive features as often as possible why you’ve picked your partner!