Welcome to the world of colors, energies and well-being!

Urška Lan

Art from the future

Seize the given opportunity.

The passage is now open.

Absorb the vibrant Qualities and Energy Support for your Well-being

A fusion of higher life awareness and the importance of well being radiates from the Sun of art energy paintings – work of arts. Picturesque paintings invite you to boost your mood and to become open for things not visible by the naked eye.

By an abstract motive, one is encouraged to reflect, interpret and contemplate.

You&me package

Why don’t you treat your partner and make him/her happy with a personalized work of art? A photo, a memory of a wonderful moment together, can be transformed into a painting. A work of art which will encourage you every single day to maintain your common vision to keep experiencing happy, devoted and loving moments together.

What do we overlook again and again when we strive for success?

Discover the Unleashed Potential

Everything begins with how we see ourselves and everything else that surrounds us.

The more we love ourselves, the more we care about health and wellbeing, the more we are in tune with ourselves as well as others. At the Dental Clinique, for instance, human wellbeing is given a significant value. They are convinced that a beautiful, genuine smile is not a coincidence, yet a result of a holistic approach towards life. Beside their main dental work, they offer various emotional free techniques and support the working environment with Sun of art energetic paintings, allowing their clients to fall in a deep relaxation. Subsequently, such clients feel better about themselves and have a positive attitude towards the environment. Moreover, they become even more balanced decision-makers, which enables them to easily achieve anything they want in life.

slika za sprostitev in dobro počujte

Steps to your Freedom

Sun of Art energy paintings are specifically equipped for enhancing the results of our efforts. Drawn into the depth of the artistic vortex, we become part of their consciousness, and above all, draw strength and energy from them. The beneficial support of the high vibration of light enables us to recognise and use our potential, which is otherwise covered by the weight of our limiting beliefs.


Sun of Art Paintings promote Qualities in us

energijske slike Urške Lan_Višja zavest


We can recognize it and, in bits of flashes or sweet coincidences, soon forget it, or we can fulfill it during this lifetime.

energijske slike Urške Lan_Osebnostna rast

Inner peace

So sought after, so revered, yet so foreign to all of us, every day. Once we establish it, outside troubles no longer affect us.

energijske slike Urške Lan_Uspeh in kreativnost

Creative breakthrough

When we see it, it is simple. When it begins to emerge, it needs clarity, focus and grounding.

energijske slike Urške Lan_Ljubezen do sebe

Psychic abilities

All the knowledge of this world… what would it all mean without intuition, clairsentience and instinct when making the most important decisions.

The colourful shades of Well-being

Sun of Art works of art are vivid paintings that attract and stimulate in us different shades of well-being. According to Shri Devdutt Maharaj, a seer, an astrologer and a renown guru from India, the shades of well-being arise from Urška’s dedication and exceptional spiritual power of well-being (Bombay, 2010).

Support yourself

Become a Creator of Your Own Life

dr. Yuri Yatsko in energijske slike Sun of Art

dr. Yurij Yatsko foto by Nataša Šilec

“The charm of Urška’s paintings is that they


Seen from her point of view – through these paintings Urška transforms her world. Her paintings are a kind of a door into an interesting and wonderful world, which can be a part of our world.

In my office, where I have the largest Urška’s portal, it is always only a matter of time before the visitors are aware of it and before it begins to help them in their growth and progress. They admire this energy and wish that it would stay with them at all times. However, this is always a process, as is communication with energy. I appreciate that Urška entered this as if it was a natural process and allowed it to grow organically, entering into new dimensions. I admire how she has progressed and grown and how her growth is reflected in her paintings; this is a reciprocal process: the paintings help her grow, and she grows along with them. Of course, one is always tempted to stop and enjoy the results in safety. But what I most admire in Urška is the fact that she doesn’t stop and stand still but continues on her path.”

Everything that surrounds us, co-creates us.

Each painting has a different meaning and is intended for a different shade of well-being, which, according to Shri Devdutt Maharaj, a seer, an astrologer and a renown guru from India, comes from Urška’s dedication and exceptional spiritual power of well-being (Mumbai, 2010). Drawn into the depth of the artistic vortex, we become part of their consciousness, and above all, draw strength and energy from them.
(Anamarija Stibilj Šajn, 2009, BA in Art History, art review)