Art from the future

Sun of Art paintings innovatively combine the energy of well-being and the awareness of the higher quality of life. Urška Lan’s glowing canvases are art paintings and light portals at the same time. The unique philosophy that speaks to us through the paintings is the result of the author’s extraordinary capacity for a special flow of light energy. Its purpose is not only creating artistic elements of energy paintings but also helping people achieve inner stability and personal strength.

Unleash your true self

Aesthetic experience that reaches into the beyond

The effect of the energy painting is manifested through the individual; the results of cooperation with the energy painting can be seen as an increased ability to take charge of one’s life and an increased conscious control over the unconscious part. Imagine the proverbial iceberg with the conscious mind above water (1–5%), and the 95%, the unconscious, under water. The person is moving the boundary of the conscious part deeper and deeper into the unconscious part, thereby persistently raising the percentage of control over their own behaviour, actions and results. We are raising our awareness, emotional and spiritual intelligence and are becoming a quantum person for the quantum era in which we live.

Zest for life

For me, the Sun of Art energy painting is like the sun shining after a prolonged period of cloudiness and dreariness of long rainy winter nights, when you’re feeling down, exhausted and without energy. It gives you a new direction and energy for a more upbeat future.

My experience with the paintings has led me to greater inner peace, trust and relaxation. My gratitude and acceptance of life such as it is are increasing, whereas being negative, holding grudges and feeling angry are fading. I’m no longer surrounded by people who only socialise for their own benefit so often. My progress is most noticeable when I meet people I haven’t seen in years. I’m gradually discovering my path.

Jože Mislej - owner of the Sun of art painting

Urška Lan

About me

I have an undergraduate degree in economics and sociology on the topic of health and increasing the engagement in companies. I’m also a painter and spiritual mentor. After a decade of being dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, teaching yoga, jyotish counselling and earning a black belt in karate, my husband Alex and I founded a family and created a completely new business model, because giving birth to my first child awoke in me a specific genre of painting.

Through painting and the accompanying spiritual workshops, I pass on to individuals the knowledge I acquired and my spiritual capacity, which developed in the supportive environment of my family’s rich heritage of alternative knowledge. I create my glowing canvases Sun of Art to support individuals or the whole environment on their way to a much faster achievement of their sustainable goals and help them with challenges that arise when trying to connect the needs of one’s soul and the material world, which most comprehensively captures the person’s satisfaction and well-being. At the spiritual workshops, I help participants raise their awareness about the extraordinary power of people as well as help them learn how to influence their lives and use this personal power most prudently for their personal development and spiritual maturity, for their own good and the good of the society as a whole.

My artwork in public

Glimpse of our Displays, Conferences and Solo Exhibitions

2015 - 2018 Guided tours and permanent solo exhibition at Holistic Center Karnion, Slovenia

2015 - 2018 Permanent display at Yurij Yatsko therapy office, Slovenia

2015 - 2017 Energy scenery and monthly display on a talk show: Glowing of new energies, Slovenia

2015 Solo exhibition in Dental Clinique Ljubljana, Slovenia

2014 Display in Hotel Hilton Austin, Texas

2014 Solo exhibition in The Club at Sonterra, Texas

2014 Solo exhibition in GH Vila Bled, Bled, Slovenia

2013 Solo exhibition in GH Donat, Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia

2013 Solo exhibition in Blue house Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2011 Solo exhibition in City house. Koper, Slovenia

2010 Solo exhibition in La Dolce Vita, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2010  Solo exhibition in Amara fashion house Mumbai, India

2009 The first solo exhibition of my works in GH Kempinski Portorož, Slovenia


The Presence of Sun of Art inspired and supported many Projects