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    Individualized, unique SunofArt partnership work of art with your photo embedded (2r = 81 cm round or 80 x 80 cm square).

    Authenticity certificate of the SunofArt work of art

    Two ceramic products (a plate, a bowl for breakfast or a cup) decorated with SunofArt motives to enjoy your moments together.

    Payment of the Package You&Me in 2 installments. 50% upon order placement. 50% on delivery.

    Payment costs are covered by the client.
    Standard package delivery takes 9 weeks. Express delivery in 2 weeks is charged in the amount of EUR 3.500.

    The SunofArt work of art is unique also because it encompasses a photo of you two.

    Upon your request painting without a photo possible; with a motive of two trees intertwining their branches.


    Urška Lan, Sun of Art