Let your office become an oasis of optimism

Surround yourself with positive vibrations in your office and return home full of energy

The need for positive information has never been greater than it is now. Modern Art Natura paintings promote optimism, enthusiasm and composure.

Would you afford yourself or your co-workers, business partners a stimulating work environment? Art natura can be the answer to what this year’s business gifts should be like.

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The mysterious Pokljuka marsh is one of the most precious pieces of nature in Europe. Covered with a blanket of snow and a glittering Triglav in the background, it inspires freedom and clarity.

A beautiful photography of a modern painting on the vitality canvas, set in the original nature of Pokljuka, adds a short positive thought to direct attention and action to the care of a healthy mind in a healthy body and a job well done.


The beautiful spring meadow from Pokljuka fills us with new impetus, a sense of growth and the success of daily projects. The gorgeous abstract energy painting on canvas, with a focus on goals, backed by the lushness of spring, is equipped with a brief positive thought to direct attention to sustainable behavior and life success.

Feng shui slike ART NATURA
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Modern paintings on canvas: ART NATURA - FOR MORE GOOD WILL IN THE OFFICE

Just as the sun’s rays conjure up a special atmosphere among the mighty spruces of the original forests, it can also be created in your office by an exceptional photo of an energetic image for optimism located in the Pokljuka primeval forest. It is equipped with a short positive thought to direct our attention to seeing the bigger picture and acting constructively.

You can choose a wall painting as a personalized, business gift for someone to whom you want to show respect and a desire to participate in the future.

How did the line of abstract paintings on the Art Natura canvas come about?

Although I noticed at the very beginning of the Great Crown March that the media environment had become toxic with the outbreak of virus information, the daily shrinkage of lightness and optimism in everyday conversations touched me. So in response to collective psychosis, I sought my joy, confidence in life, and peace in nature. Since my energetic, feng shui images also enjoy the gentle rays and breath of nature, I started taking them with me on walks and trips. Due to the measures, all my introduced exhibition and sales channels were prevented, so I wanted to share at least photo snapshots of small exhibitions of wall paintings, with fragments of natural wonders, also with you.

I noticed that my modern paintings on canvas, in nature, glowed straight and I was offered so many extraordinary scenes that the fun trips with the photographer were just a natural development of events…

It was created to remind you of your joy, confidence in life and relaxed peace during difficult and stressful days. All this is in each of us, it is only necessary to remember. Art natura can be your monument. Make your environment so that it encourages and cheers you up, making it more beautiful and easier for you.

Why you should choose Art naturo?

Every time we pay some attention to ourselves or our co-workers, part of the vibration of the company rises. However, when we intentionally promote the health and well-being of employees, companies develop along the path of prosperity and satisfaction of those involved.
Feng shui abstract paintings on canvas with depicted nature, proven to reduce stress, genuine contact with the painting raises our cognitive abilities, increases the feeling of relaxation, concentration and confidence in life.
The Art nature motive includes energy wall paintings by Urška Lan, a renowned artist who has been creating energy incentives for companies, projects and individuals for 15 years. A number of satisfied customers testify to the remarkable effects of her abstract paintings on canvas. You can find them at

Part of the feng shui image of Art natura is also a positive thought, which repeatedly appeals to optimism, solutions and a better attitude towards oneself and one’s work. Where we invest our attention, it grows. Positive thought is meant to employ the creative power of our mind and concentrate it in the chosen idea of ​​our own and our common good.
Art natura enlivens the space with color, brings freshness, positive character and new impetus, which is why the mentioned wall paintings are considered wonderful business gifts.
With the purchase, you support the local: artist, photographer, printer, marketer, graphic designer and project manager. If we look a little wider, despite the situation next to each other, we can still create harmonious interdependence by helping ourselves to prosperity circulating on our soil.
Ročno izdelane abstraktne slike
Feng shui slike ART NATURA
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